Sirvi International School is managed by Sirvi Educational Society.

About Sirvi International School

Senior School: The senior school building is the oldest on campus and consists of nine classrooms, 1 lecture halls, mini auditorium, career counseling and guidance cell, resource centre, the administrative offices and laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and computer.

Primary School: The primary school building has gone through various additions and upgradations. The primary school has ten classrooms, two lecture halls, central library, infirmary, laboratories for computers, Mathematics, Geography, languages, quizzing, etiquettes and a central mess with a capacity to accommodate 500 students.

Science Laboratories: The school has Chemistry, Biology and a hi-tech Physics laboratory. The laboratories have additional class rooms with audio visual technology.

Computer Laboratories: The school has six air conditioned computer laboratories equipped with 300 computers, smart boards and projectors to make learning experience better. The school has a tie-up with NIIT as a content partner to make the curriculum more effective and productive.

Mini Auditorium: The school has a mini auditorium which is used to promote various cultural and literary talents.

One-to-one Counselling

The school premises abuzzed with the verve of curiosity and enthusiasm during the One-to-One Counseling Sessions of the students of Class-IX. In order to raise the bar in the selected subject, the career counselling and guidance cell ensured that our students are furnished with the information and exposure to the facts and data relevant to their field of study. This will enable them to build on and excel in their professional careers thereby moulding their identity.

The entire week long counseling course of action helped the students and their parents to better understand their child’s interests, thought process and latent potentials, so that they make the right choice and the right decision for abounding success which they richly deserve.

From the Counselor’s Desk…

Career Counseling is much beyond than just deciding on a ‘Major’ or a job. It is a continuous process that helps the student understands him/her and the world of work, in order to make career, education and life decisions. Henceforth, our career counseling and guidance cell ensures to assist each student in locating resources and sources of career information and help them determine next steps to develop a plan to achieve their goals. The one thread that we really try to touch upon is the vigilance over the choices and decisions made by the students.


Smart Classroom

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