Sirvi International School is managed by Sirvi Educational Society.


Sirvi International School

The Vision for The Sirvi International School is based on knowing what as a school we believe and value. There are elements of what we want for the school that are timeless and others which are determined and dependent upon the local and national picture for education. The Sirvi International School is a community and part of a Community Trust. It is a School Where Staff, Student and parents will have a voice. We want the Sirvi International School to be a place that the students can be proud of and fulfilled in the fact that they attend an Upper School that is both safe and enjoyable. They will come to a school that is orderly with a clear expectation that they are here to learn. Students will be taught by teachers who are highly skilled and understand the relationship between teaching and learning. The students will experience education in its widest sense through having the opportunity to participate in sport, music, drama and the arts and appreciate the value that they bring to their wider education. Students who come to The Sirvi International School will come to a school whereby the expectation for them will be to become as successful as they possibly can be. Success is relative and our students will be challenged to achieve appropriate academic accreditation. The Sirvi International School will be a place where students of diverse abilities and cultures will be able to embark upon a learning pathway that is best suited to their personal abilities and aspirations. We live in a knowledge society, therefore is important to understand how we acquire knowledge. Those who can learn how to acquire knowledge will be skilled in becoming successful. It is not what we know that is important but how we come to know it. Students who come to the Sirvi International School will leave knowing and believing that they have the skills in learning to be successful.

Our Facilitiies

Our Hostel

Hostel Facility is optional and the school provides mid day meals which are vegetarian for all those who opt for it.

Our Classrooms

We have classrooms, each classroom is well ventilated and gets enough heights inside, we also have educomp smart boards.

bus service

The school has a fleet of buses with GPS facility, cameras and well trained bus staff. which ensures security of the ward.

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